IMG_041310 Reasons to come out and discover your local dealer difference…

10. We embrace the innovations and advances of the industry to best support our customers.

9. 120 plus years of experience working for you.

8. Convenient location with Pick up and Delivery services available.

7. Expert at designing a financing plan to fit your budget.

6. Dependable and Quality Repair Service

5. Five easy ways to contact us. Phone, Fax, Email, Website and In-Person.

4. Dealer of high quality new equipment, used equipment and reliable parts.

3. Knowledgeable and Experienced Staff.

2. Family owned for 47 years.

1. Large enough to know, but small enough to care!!

So come out and discover your local dealer difference…Barb Hustler Turf

 Barb Christ

Barb worked along side her Dad, Elmer Britton from 1970-2004. Barb has a “I can ” attitude. She says that the key to being a woman in the equipment business is ‘watch, listen, learn and do’. As President of B&K Power she is in charge of management decisions. Selling is her passion. From figuring out what B&K can offer that will get the job done quickly, efficiently and at a fair price.

IMG_0403 (2)  Bob Keller

Bob is our service manager, he has many years of knowledge in the power equipment business. His knowledge and professional approach to every equipment repair will assure you that he will be in contact with you as equipment repair progresses through the shop and there will be no surprises when the job is completed.  Bob’s experience is not only a plus for B&K, but for you as our customer.


SteveSteve Koukel

Steve is very analytical and quick to figure out a problem. He can be seen working on equipment from chain saws to excavators. Last November, Steve attended Gehl service school and now he is very familiar with tier IV engines, current hydraulic systems and the latest in diagnostic technology. Steve has been a great addition to our team.


Carol Lund

Carol helps out in the office 1 day a week (more when we can get her), answering the phones and helping customers at the service counter. She is new to the power equipment business and if she doesn’t know the answer, she will find it for you.


Our Mission:

To assist our customers by being a resource for high quality equipment and reliable parts as well as providing a knowledgeable service staff. we embrace the innovations and advances in the equipment industry. These advances allow us to best support our customers.



We are proud to have earned the following state and federal certifications:

National Certifications

Women Business Enterprise (WBE)

State of Illinois Certifications

Small Business Set Aside (SBSP)

Female Business Enterprise (FBE)

Business Enterprise Program(BEP)

State of Illinois Tollway Recognitions

Small Business Set Aside (SBSP)

Business Enterprise Program(BEP)


We are also certified through several major corporations.